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Jun 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
into the mirror to look at history. let's quickly revisit the highlights. this president brought the economy back from the brink through a stimulus program, a bailout of the american auto industry, strengthening financial reform and creating a dedicated government bureau to protect consumers. changing the composition of the supreme court by appointing two impressive women. and of course the largest progressive domestic policy to expand our social safety net in a generation, the affordable care act. for obama supporters accustom to all those policy successes, so far the second term may seem like it's off to a slow start but i think that changed this week. the president just took a crucial step towards the first big win of the second term on tuesday. advocates for immigration reform broke an attempted filfilibuste. now nothing should stop the senate for an up-or-down vote for landmarking legislation that would provide the u.s.'s first comprehensive immigration reform in almost three decades. if that happens, president obama will become the first president to make a lasting mark on immigration polic
Jun 22, 2013 7:00am PDT
putting money back into our economy, then, you know, i think that republicans, they're not necessarily -- they're being a little bit disingenuous by pretending this is going to cost us, whether it costs our values, cost us morally like you're talking about, or cost us economically, which it's not. >> some people have some confusion about what social security works. you don't save for your own retirement. today's workers pay in which pays for today's retirees. we are in this circumstance with the baby boomers, they are retiring. if what we must have in order to make this solvent and work is more people. we also need more people and more people paying more into it. but this is, in fact, part of the solution. >> but talking about that would underscore the fact that we are in this together. which is really at the crux of this immigration debate. >> another way in which you see this is the struggle over health care for immigrant. and i say this, i'm a proud naturalized u.s. citizen, i'm an immigrant to this country and a daughter of an immigration lawyer. this is an issue very dear to my he
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2